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Social Conversations

When in India, do as the Indians do. So, make sure that you follow the social conventions whenever it is necessary. For example, it is mandatory to cover your head when you visit places of worship like the Gurudwara or the Dargah, so just go ahead and buy a light stole to cover your head. You should be properly covered while visiting these religious places.

At the same time, you should also follow the regular rules and conventions which prohibit smoking in public areas or consuming alcohol. You can do so, when you are back at your accommodation and relax, comfortably.

Always remove shoes before entering a temple or mosque (and all leather items in Jain temples) It is a good idea to carry a pair of socks to wear on hot stone floors.

In Buddhist shrines, turn prayer wheels in a clockwise direction. In Sikh gurudwaras, everyone should cover their head, even if it is just with a handkerchief. Tobacco and cigarettes should not be taken in.

Do not take pictures of people without taking permission. Photography within airports, of military installations, bridges and at “sensitive” border areas is not permitted.
We know it is a thrilling experience to discover India but always be alert and at your guard. We at SafeHands can proudly state that you will have no problem during your stay and our guides will brief you about the customs well in advance so that no hassle is created.