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The official language of India is English so do not worry when it comes to carving out a journey for yourself in India. You will be able to converse with people and at times, have the very best of conversations and know about the culture, more deeply.

Even if you do not speak English, we have guides who excel in all the popular languages of the world, so that you do not feel left out. We would be narrating the stories in your language so that you can know India better and have a much more comfortable stay.

So, with SafeHands, language will not be a matter to be worried about. But you must know that as diverse as India is, there are several local, regional and colloquial languages spoken, which change from state to state. You can have a very enriching experience by just watching how people converse, mostly with their hands and a very lively body language to make you understand the difference of every state.

The unique and diverse reason to visit India is also to understand that how one country, with so many differences in languages can stay together, against all odds and carve its own identity in the history of time. You will be amazed by the richness of this experience and it would really be a great event in your own lifetime.