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Food and Drink

The ‘sarson ka saag’ and ‘lassi’ of Punjab, the local street food of Delhi, the royal cuisines of Rajasthan, everything in India has one unique aspect and that is diversity. When you engage into a discovery of India by exploring how every state has its own special food and drink, you will be literally amazed and nothing can beat this experience.

You should be more open and willing to try out and experiment these local dishes rather than strictly adhering to your own diet, which anyway, you can do in your own home country. So, when it comes to India, it’s all about fun.

If the North India can offer you ‘Butter Chicken’ and ‘Tanduri rotis’, the Southern part of India is also consisting of delectable dishes like ‘idli’, ‘dosas’ and ‘rasam’. So, why not give it a try and see how it tastes. For sure, it is going to be a great experience.

Seafood is a specialty in the coastal areas and coconut is used in many Keralan dishes in the south. A variety of European and Chinese dishes can usually be found in any 4-5 star hotels. Local brands of drinks are widely available with international brands in larger hotels although these can be expensive, so you might like to bring additional duty free to combat this.

But with SafeHands, be sure that whatever cuisine you taste is pure and fresh, along with being healthy so that you do not fall sick. We make the very best of arrangements for your visit and if you want something which is not mentioned in the menu, just order it and we will make it available for you.