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 Do you want to feel at home in India? No matter, how much you travel and explore the country, when you get back to your accommodation, you would crave for comfort and rest, a rejuvenation with your own self so that you can contemplate how the journey has been and what all did you learn.


So, making it easier for you, we offer the very best of accommodations for you. It does not matter what your budget is. If you want to live frugally on a backpacker’s budget or want to pamper yourself in the royal luxurious 5-star hotels, we have all sorted out for you.


Our team of experts not only constantly keeps checking the accommodations so that you have a great time when you come, we also keep reviewing them and adding better resorts and hotels in our itineraries. One thing is for sure, you will never feel that you are getting less for the money you have paid. It would always be more.


Many of the royal families of Rajasthan have opened their doors, and converted palaces in the cities as well as those throughout the Aravalli Hills allow you to absorb the regal atmosphere. Such has been their popularity; ‘new palaces’ have been constructed – largely by the Oberoi group – with an emphasis on luxury and high quality service.


As well as the luxury hotels there are boutique spas, converted tea planters’ cottages, hill station retreats and beach bungalows.


So, the choice at the end is all yours, how you want to exactly plan your vacation and accordingly the very best will be offered to you.